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Organic Fertilizer for your farm or backyard

ORGANIC FERTILIZER ‘PLANTO ALL PURPOSE 4-4-4′ Organic and natural fertilizer enriched with natural ingredients like humates, amino acids & seaweed. Ideal for vegetables, flowers, lawn, trees, shrubs and house plants. Size: 1/2 lb (8 oz OR 226 grams) of organic water-soluble fertilizer. Makes 24 gallons of organic liquid fertilizer. Quick greening, flowering, and fruiting Fast […]

Non-GMO, untreated seed for your farm and garden

Non-GMO and untreated Vegetable, Herb and Flower seeds SeedGro provides the finest quality vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds to growers and gardeners. Our team consists of experienced growers and agricultural graduates, whose invaluable knowledge and expertise help us identify the best products and practices, so we can better serve you. Seedgro grows and tests […]