Non-GMO untreated seeds

Over 500 open-pollinated and hybrid, non-GMO, untreated vegetable, flower and herb seeds.

learn all about cotton

Everything you need to know about cotton. Learn and teach K-12 about cotton, its significance and history.
Crop Fertilizer


Science-backed fertilizers and biostimulants enriched with essential macronutrients and micronutrients for optimal crop nutrition and bumper yields.

organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer enriched with humates, amino acids & seaweed. 8 oz makes 24 gallons fertilizer. $9.99

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Organic Fertilizer for your farm or backyard

ORGANIC FERTILIZER ‘PLANTO ALL PURPOSE 4-4-4′ Organic and natural fertilizer enriched with natural ingredients like [...]

Non-GMO, untreated seed for your farm and garden

Non-GMO and untreated Vegetable, Herb and Flower seeds SeedGro provides the finest quality vegetable seeds, [...]

Agrica – an innovative company

Agrica is an innovative company developing innovative products in Agriculture and many other industries.